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Comic Book Resource features its share of explosive comic book rumor-mongering (Magneto fears for the life of Scarlet Witch?!), but nothing can quite compare to the journalistic dynamite contained in Rich Johnston’s most recent column. Specifically,

But then there was the Superman movie rumour. Still not totally resolved, still looking more likely by the minute, with massive impications all over the place, it had to be Rumour Of The Year.
That Bryan Singer wanted to cast an actor who was in the closet, and who would declare themselves to be gay in the lead up to, or during the release of the film. So that it would have a meta-textual element, over secret identities, and also give young gay individuals a positive role model in their lives. And presumably, not make stereotypical remarks about men dressed in tight colourful leotards.
On, and then, Brandon Routh being cast in the lead.
As the evangelical churches of the USA hold their breath, ready to start an onslaught of whipped up mob-hatred, Dan DiDio gingerly accepted the award on behalf of DC. “You know, we’re appointing a Senior Vice President of Marketing? Something tells me I think we’re going to need him…”

Let’s take a look at some of the evidence available for speculating on Brandon Routh’s sexuality, and see if we can’t clear things up.
-According to his imdb entry, Brandon is sometimes credited as “B. J. Routh”. B.J. is homosexual slang for a hummer.
-Among B.J.’s television appearances? An episode of Will and Grace, a homosexual sitcom, titled “A Gay/December Romance.”
-B.J.’s official site is In homosexual patois, TV stands for transexual.
-According to some, largely unsubstantiated reports, director Bryan Singer is gay.
The verdict? Get ready to start your righteous indignation…

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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, Vol. 44



So We Can Safely Assume She Won’t Be Appearing In Brown Bunny 2

gallobolly2.jpgFrom Reuters, “Bride and Prejudice” Star Mulls Screen Kiss, Sunday, Jan. 2, 2005:

“Bride and Prejudice” star Aishwarya Rai, one of the top stars of India’s prim film industry, says she won’t rule out kissing in films when she moves from “Bollywood” to Hollywood — although she says it is certain to create a minor scandal among her fans.

She has never kissed on screen — not even after 24 films because kissing is taboo in the Indian cinema. Rai said if she did kiss someone on screen in a Hollywood movie, it would create a minor scandal among her fans.

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Meanwhile, In Bizarro World…

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do: “If you love Jesus, cheer real loud!” [via Reuters]
After his landslide defeat by John Kerry, former president George W. Bush returned to his first career as a male cheerleader.
Vice President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and several others in the President’s inner circle were arrested on war crimes charges.
Bagels no longer fattening…
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Hey, Colin: Don’t Burn the Bridge on the Way Out, Okay?

002powell.jpgThere’s a big difference between a slip of the tongue and an unconscious dig. Check out Colin Powell’s remarks on Meet the Press this weekend, and tell me if there’s any love lost between Powell and big Dick Cheney:

MR. RUSSERT: Were you worn down or frustrated by the philosophical differences with Secretary Rumsfeld or Vice President Cheney?

SEC’Y POWELL: I work for the president of the United States. He’s always allowed me to present my views. More often than not, the views of the senior leadership of the administration, myself, Secretary Cheney—excuse me, Vice President Cheney; I still remember him as my secretary when I was chairman—Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, Dr. Rice—more often than not we agreed with one another.

Damn! Put away the claws, man.
But, mistakes aside, I assume Powell still considers Cheney a fiend. I mean friend. Whoops: my bad.