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Meanwhile, In Bizarro World…

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do: “If you love Jesus, cheer real loud!” [via Reuters]
After his landslide defeat by John Kerry, former president George W. Bush returned to his first career as a male cheerleader.
Vice President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and several others in the President’s inner circle were arrested on war crimes charges.
Bagels no longer fattening…
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6 replies on “Meanwhile, In Bizarro World…”

Geez, I hope they’re just covered up because it’s cold outside. I mean, even in the bible belt, cheerleaders should still be scantily clad…

Now that I’m grown, nothing about high school girls makes me any happier. Oh, their soooooooo naughty.

The chastity belts are to keep the preznit from getting any more fifteen year olds pregnant and then getting them an abortion.

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