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The Waverly Interns (…Sigh)

Commissioned by and produced for, featuring noted monologist Mike Daisey, for starters. (No Graydon Carter whatsoever.)

But Those People Were Never Our Target Audience Anyways Desperate Don't Sue Good, We're on the Same Page Now Hive-Minded Link-Pandering Original Video Too 'Office Pirate'-ish?

Good AIM/Bad AIM (Target Practice)

More so-called “original content”: a space-age instructional how-to on the proper protocol for instant messaging communication. Because we all wish we could be as skillful with using original film stock and found footage as noted director Roman Coppola!

Desperate Likely to be Misunderstood Sorta Dumb, Right? Too 'Office Pirate'-ish? Unintentionally Homophobic We Made Peace With It and Did It

Yes, But Bizarro Superman is as Queer as a Three-Dollar Bill

Opposite Gay: The rumors persist despite his lady friend and child.
“We were all scratching our heads… He’s not a gay character.” – Paul Levitz, president and publisher, DC Comics. (Quoted by Reuters, June 9, 2006)
Fine. Superman is not gay. He’s just freakin’ whipped.