“No nation in history has made the transition to a free society without facing challenges, setbacks and false starts.”

The President’s quote in the headline above comes by way of Bush Estimates 30,000 Iraqis Killed, the Washington Post, December 12, 2005…
Fair enough. And what, you may ask, defines a “challenge”? How about the experiences yet to be had by the young girl below, grieving over the corpse of her gunned-down daddy? She can at least always be thankful that he didn’t die in one of Saddam’s infamous torture rooms, because then, you see, she would be angry and bitter about his death at the hands of an all-powerful, violent government entity. It’s so much better this way. Our way. The American way.
“Setbacks”? Here’s venturing a good guess that this kid below underwent quite a setback when his leg was blown off. Really, lad…no child will be left behind, we’ll just expect you to work that much harder to catch up with the rest of us as you hobble along the streets of your newly-democratic Iraq.
“False starts”? An improperly-timed beginning, as in the case of the boy pictured below. Wait, that’s wrong. An improperly-timed end, e.g. this kid never really got to start his life because now he’s fucking dead as a result of an invasion enacted under false pretenses.
Remember, kids, keep those photos coming! We’re compiling the best of them for our limited-edition “God Wanted You to Die” commemorative PDF.

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What more do you want? Bush gave up sweets before the war began. God, you fucking whiners, the man’s not eating candy! Do you know how hard that is? No wonder the strain’s showing.

saddam torture
into Google Images, and you see another side of the story.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what Bush’s ‘real’ reasons for going to war were. But hundreds of thousands died under Hussein’s regime, with no prospect of the Baathists stepping down any time soon, with no prospect of that campagin of violence and terror and intimidation and indoctrination ending. At least someone tried to do something in that country of death and torture.
And no, I’m not saying the victims of war and terrorism that there have been since the intervention began are some kind of sacrifice or means to an end or casualty of a greater good. It’s horrible that 30 000 people, maybe more, have died in Iraq in the last few years.
I’m just saying posting pictures and making an emotive argument is not the way to decide whether the *upshot* of taking war back to Iraq was ‘worth it’. The decision and the motives itself are another matter entirely, of course. But if the *results* of the decision are being considered then a battle of photo posting isn’t going to solve anything. Only careful analysis of trends and statistics in an attempt to weigh up the human consequences of the war on the one hand, or the regime if it had continued on indefinitely on the other hand, will move us forward.

sad, sad, sad,true.. but what does it take to end the tyrants rule? How many thousands of innocents did Saddam kill? So we should let that go on, in the name of humanity I guess? And who’s to say these innocents in your photos were not killed by their fellow islamists? The so called insurgents.

saddams regime has been overthrown so let the Iraqis handle their own business from now on. Pull the troops out and we will not see those kind of images anymore. the us army is incapable of fighting the insurgents on their ground and by their rules. the only solution is to ask for international support and bring the un blue peace keeper army

what’s all this talk about iraqis? isn’t this war for america? duh. is it christmas yet?

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