Hey, Colin: Don’t Burn the Bridge on the Way Out, Okay?

002powell.jpgThere’s a big difference between a slip of the tongue and an unconscious dig. Check out Colin Powell’s remarks on Meet the Press this weekend, and tell me if there’s any love lost between Powell and big Dick Cheney:

MR. RUSSERT: Were you worn down or frustrated by the philosophical differences with Secretary Rumsfeld or Vice President Cheney?

SEC’Y POWELL: I work for the president of the United States. He’s always allowed me to present my views. More often than not, the views of the senior leadership of the administration, myself, Secretary Cheney—excuse me, Vice President Cheney; I still remember him as my secretary when I was chairman—Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, Dr. Rice—more often than not we agreed with one another.

Damn! Put away the claws, man.
But, mistakes aside, I assume Powell still considers Cheney a fiend. I mean friend. Whoops: my bad.

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Actually, I’m afraid that wasn’t a dig. “My secretary when I was chairman” doesn’t mean Cheney was Powell’s subordinate. He’s saying “my secretary” the way he would call Bush “my president.” In other words, Cheney was defense secretary when Powell was chairman of the Joint Chiefs. I believe the secretary outranks the chairman, in practice. Sorry to kill the buzz.

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