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“i’m on to you Bush. OH YES. There will be a reckoning. THERE WILL BE A TOTALING OF SUMS…and you will be counted among the damned.
Oh yes.
That day is coming.”

it must be all Bill can do to stop himself from reaching out and strangling Georgie-boy. after all the undoing of our country AND PLANET since Clinton left office…
Bill’s got his stink-eye trained on Georgie.

After Bill’s fellating of Bush post election, this is just one more step in his pathetic quest to get people who hate him to like him.
Fuck Bill Clinton.

Bill’s thinking:
“how DARE your secretary of state STEAL and DESTROY documents of the highest secrecy from the 9/11 archives – by his OWN admisson no less!……………….
ahh, no, wait a minute – that was MY secretary of state Sandy Berger. huh uh huh…”
and then he’s thinking:
“boy you sure had your hands full with that faulty intelligence problem.
sorry i didn’t pay attention to the red flags raised when i bombed an aspirin factory…
and then when i missed Osama by two weeks and leveled a mosque…
jeez, maybe i should have done something about it then….

But where is Osama. horny-head? Georgie has had Four Years.
I miss Bill. He’s a real President.

I’d take horndog Bill over densewad George, anyday. As a President, Bill was everything George could only dream of becoming.
George’s presidency will go down in history just as it is reflected today, miserable failure.

after the white house said “we don’t want to say ‘we feel your pain'” i’m sure the clinton camp pressed bush for an apology.
this is the form its taking. bush forgot to get clinton to sign
a waiver saying he will ‘look happy’ and ‘be proud of Our Leader’.
always cutting corners

I await Berger’s indictment, otherwise shut the fuck up.
Launching a missile at a factory doesn’t equal invading Iraq, dipshit.

President Lincoln was reviled by the American public and responsible for killing half a million Americans. Its in the history book you failed to open.
the sole measure of a leader is not the popularity of his decisions.
does your boss make only popular decisions?
“Raises all around!!”
does the captain of a ship make only popular decisions?
“screw the cargo!!”
the sentiments on this page are equatable to a spoiled brat who blames his rich parents for a fruitless life because of a lack of sacrifice or hardship.
Berger needs an indictment after he ADIMTTED he destroyed Q level files?
true, GW had 4 years to find Osama – byut how many years did Osama have to plan his hiding?
the funny thing is that the investigative journalist that broke the UN Oil For Food scandal and the widespread corruption(and was proven right during the investigation after being initially dismissed) has another view as yet to be proven –
that the money Saddam Hussein funeled away from the UN went DIRECTLY to Osama Bin Laden to plan 9/11.
Osama left Sudan with NOTHING. his assets were seized. yet he traiend thousands of operatives from his well supplied camps and mentioned his Iraqi brethren in the Fatwa against the United States.
he praises Iraq, the so called secular state at the same time he SOMEHOW is funded for all his operations.
all the while Saddam is raking in the dough from the UN – and we don’t know where it went.
and the guy that helped Saddam Hussein sell his illegal oil?
Mark Rich.
whom Clinton pardoned.

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