Least Believable Pull Quote Ever

spearsseventeen1.jpgFrom the (barely visible) cover of February, 2005’s Seventeen magazine:

Jamie Lynn Spears – Britney’s Sister Confesses… “I Don’t Want to Get Too Famous”

Really? Then why exactly are you on the goddamned cover of Seventeen?

5 replies on “Least Believable Pull Quote Ever

Jeezus H. Christamapolous.
In addition to Miss Spears, I think the most awful thing I’ve ever seen EVER is also displayed prominently on this cover: the teaser that says “Get a Tiny Waist”…. see that? I mean, that’s just horrifying. I have no words.
I just want to find someone who works at that magazine and punch them in the face.

hurry up and get that girl a breast implant, it makes me feel so dirty when i masturbate to pre-pubescent ‘looking’ girls.

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