Adventures in the Skin Trade, Vol. 3

(Answer Key: John Goodman + Ricky Gervais = Michael Moore at Sunday’s People’s Choice Awards)
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Anyone else think it’s ironic that there is a dispute over how the votes for the People’s Choice award, that Moore won, are tallied?

and of course, those four chins and nearly 200 extra pounds of blubber equate for the “almost” in that last sentence

Right horns! Because someone who’s overweight couldn’t possibly be respectable! 10 pts for your cause, chief.

thank you, i am right.
you see, i don’t let a fat man let me feel guilty about anything. especially one as grotesque in appearence, and as crude, loud and misinformed to give me ADVICE on how i should live.
i laugh in his face. whether or not he is in front of or behind a camera.
(and that includes Dr Phil)

holy smokes you’re a maroon. OK, you don’t like Michael Moore, but how does his weight impact his respectability. His ideals, his political spewings, his brash outspoken film making, sure…but just being overweight?
I’m sure there’s hundreds and hundreds of overweight republicans in the world. Thousands I may venture to say.

fat people are bad. ugly people too. of course, all fat people are ugly but not all ugly people are fat. that’s where it starts to get tricky. beauty is truth, truth beauty, and ugly people lie and cheat and should be killed. along with fat people. you don’t see fat people on the OC, do you? i actually don’t know the answer to that. do you?

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