Tomorrow’s Corrections Today, Vol. 6

“‘Strange Love’ is a documentary about Brigitte Nielsen, the Danish giantess from ‘Rocky IV’ turned dissolute nudist, and Flavor Flav, the wily Ritalin-deprived clock-wearing Public Enemy hype man from the South Bronx.
“But Flav, who steals the show here, also lets his guard down sometimes, admitting to crippling anxiety. And when he is not able to make Brigitte laugh with his antics, and the cultural gulf between them seems unbridgeable, he can also look like a small, lost old man who has come far from the South Bronx but does not quite know how or why.”
Flouting Convention, Embracing Eccentricity, The New York Times, Jan. 8, 2005.
“[Meth] Aiyyo Flav
[Flav] Whassup Meth?
[Meth] What you know about niggaz from Long Island right?
[Flav] Huh?
[Meth] True Long Island right?
[Flav] All my life!
[Meth] All your life right?
[Flav] All my life!
[Meth] Westbury
[Flav] Word up, Freeport, Long Island, Roosevelt, Long Island”
– “Soul Power (Black Jungle),” Wu-Tang Clan, feat. Flavor Flav
Artist Name: Flavor Flav
Born: 1959
In: Roosevelt, Long Island, NY
AOL Music: Flavor Flav
Date of birth (location)
16 March 1959
Roosevelt, Long Island, New York, USA

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