Meet Your New Model Overlord

In a complete miscarriage of justice, it’s Eva, while anyone in their right mind knows Yaya was robbed.
(And that Adrianne Curry has been such a rousing success.)

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I so disagree… “yaya” was a miserable bitch with a stick stuck up her ass. Eva was a much better model/human/character. …Altho I still would’ve rather seen Amanda win.

hey, i was THRILLED eva won. i nearly cried. the editors clearly liked her best from the beginning, as did tyra, as did, probably, tyra’s mom. are you trying to argue with tyra’s mom? for shame.

wrong and wrong- it should have been the skinny tomboy whitegirl, while yaya was have psychotic episodes on the phone, and eva was busy talking shit about everyone, the waif was straightforward all the way

Yaya was such a twat, it was so gratifying to see her lose and be all pissy.
And Amanda, ew, there was no way she should have won. If you’re 25, a mom, and blind, you can’t be a model, sorry!!

uh put down whatever substance you are abusing and face facts. ya ya was yuck yuck.
eva was a diva from day one. she figured shit out. she deserved to win.

Name the film:
“Hey we got us a blind bitch over here! I never had no *blind* pussy before!”

Eva is so childish she played tricks one everyone in the house. A Top Model is to has class and not be a bitch like Eva was so I fell like YaYa shold have won! YaYa knew what she wanted in life she wasn’t there to make friends that was not her goal!!

eva was the perfect choice. ya ya, while running a close second was way to o over the top afro-centric even for my afrocen ass. eva knew what it takes to survive in a world full of catty ass bitches.
don’t think that the other two and the tomboy won’t be hooked up with a fancy life in the end.

but holy sweet jesus would i LOOOOOVE to bury my face in yaya’s yaya for about a week. i bet she shags like a minx. her ass is world class! and god damn her tits are magically massive. eva shouldve won though

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