Three Stooges Receive Presidential Medals of Failure

Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck: Bremer, Franks, and Tenet.

4 replies on “Three Stooges Receive Presidential Medals of Failure”

Um, didn’t Bush just fire Tenet and all his posse in the last few months?
Is this some sort of peace offering before all the pissed-off CIA types take a giant shit all over Bush?

So, let me get this straight, these three man lead us into a war of choice on unfounded inteligence and are rewarded with our nations highest civilion honor. Are they f*cking kidding? My personal favorite is Tenet. Good job on that intelligence work the last few years. It went pretty well, except for 9/11 and the lack of WMD in Iraq, not that those matter.

I would gladly return every single one of my Christmas presents this year, if only Bush would get rid of that offensive decoration on top of the White House Christmas tree.

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