In the Crosshairs

As part of low culture’s ongoing commitment to taking the fun out of everything, we are proud to present our first (and possibly last (it’s very annoying typing this in)) New York Times crossword puzzle cheat sheet. Impress friends, lovers, or anyone who is actually impressed by this kind of crap.

Here are the across answers. You’ll have to figure out down all on your own. Neither answers nor transcript have been double-checked.
1A whirr
6A dmitri
12A opera hat
20A oozed
21A iambic
22A redivide
23A what a message
25A elicitor
26A so as
27A ass
28A athlete
30A cbs
31A skier
33A esc
36A ease
37A ghee
38A navy yardage
41A peri
43A dc area
45A weiss
46A airings
49A hoh
50A flouted
52A egging on
53A areola
55A pop up adage
58A pro
59A lactated
61A parity
62A loeb
63A kip
64A arid
67A life
68A tis
69A ants
71A trades
73A is that so
77A neh
78A hot footage
81A herald
82A twilight
84A on a dare
86A gus
87A its okay
88A aspin
90A redder
92A owes
93A bum steerage
95A pius
97A tata
98A afl
99A decaf
102A oat
103A at a loss
106A dee
108A imax
110A search me
112A hoover damage
116A engineer
117A enters
118A ran in
119A deep ends
120A detest
121A plan a

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