Harold and Kumar Go On Friendster

For those interested in learning more about America’s greatest civil rights triumph since the march from Selma, aka Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, you might want to check out co-writer Jon Hurwitz’s Friendster profile.
Among his nine testimonials, there is the Asian Harold who offers:

Jon writes about and enjoys life by chronicling what he knows best: things that are really, ridiculously funny and amusing. He draws much of his material from his own experiences and friends.

And then there’s his Indian Friendster Raza who writes:

I remember this one magical summer Jon and I spent in Nora Ephron’s Manhattan, where we watched animated features and romantic comedies, ate dim sum and rode the subway. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. There was also the incident at [a certain movie studio where I took really long lunches … I mean worked], but I’m not allowed to talk about that.

Is it possible that we have located the ur-Harold and Kumar? Could this prove the Rosetta Stone to unlocking the secrets of this milestone film? Yeah, whatever.
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Yep, they’re on there. I don’t remember where I saw it before, but see this, for instance: Movie Launch Party @ Butterfly (Google cache)

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