“Man Who Would Be Woody” Has publicist who would be Rubenstein

The board reads: “AIM: Get Famous By Selling Own Hand-me-Down Neuroses.”
Coming soon to JTV: Straight Frum My Heart, a new reality dating show hosted by Keith Black, future relationships columnist for HEEB, and inspiration for a posable action figure (with tefillan grip!) from McFarlane Toys.
You know Keith Black, the new Woody Allen, right? He’s everywhere, except on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. He’s even in the papers:

“As a neurotic, bespectacled, highly therapized Jewish filmmaker from New York, Keith Black has more than a few things in common with his idol Woody Allen—except for one.
“‘I’m looking for my Annie Hall,’ says the lovelorn 35-year-old, whose new short film, ‘Get the Script to Woody Allen,’ is as concerned with his dating mishaps than his desire to be famous….”

THE MAN WHO WOULD BE WOODY, by Maureen Callahan, The New York Post, Aug. 10, 2004
Too bad his dream girl‘s taken.
Oh well, you certainly can’t buy publicity like that, right?
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[Links via Keith Black’s website]