Funny Money

Perception: KING OF BLING? . . . Reality: Trump Hotels Planning Bankruptcy [click cover(s) for detail]
Related: Ten (or 13) Years Ago in SPY:
“In the history of finance, Donald Trump will be known for one brilliant innovation. No one before Trump has used the press so cunningly to give himself legitimacy with creditors. Trump made the media his balance sheet. Reports of Trump’s wealth in newspapers and especially in sober business magazines such as Fortune and Forbes were the basis upon which banks lent him money and public bought his bonds.”
ALL OF THE PEOPLE, ALL OF THE TIME (How Donald Trump Fooled the Media, Used the Media to Fool the Banks, Used the Banks to Fool the Bondholders and Used the Bondholders to Pay for the Yachts and Mansions and Mistresses) A Special SPY Investigation by John Connolly, April 1991, p. 50

One reply on “Funny Money”

How is it that The Donald so consistently fools us into believing that he is operating a maximum strength, when he so obviously is not? I mean, just harken back to the 1992 election when he insinuated that he might run on the Reform banner. Like someone with as many skeletons in the closet as Trump would want to even consider it. But hey, he got millions in free publicity. Blame the media.

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