Food Fight

dietdrive.jpgYour Diet Is Driving Me Crazy, by the unfortunately named Cynthia Sass, hits retailers this week; the book is designed to help couples and families cope with the trauma of having a dieter in their midst. And so it has finally arrived – the meta-self-helper – a title intended to solve the problems that arise when someone else has chosen to solve their own problems. But Your Diet shouldn’t come as much surprise – in our endlessly bootstrapping culture, it’s more shocking that noone has thought of the meta-self-helper before.
Imagine the endless opportunities to piggyback on the endless procession of self-help literature: (I Don’t Want to) Go to South Beach, or, Why Should I Care About the Color of Your Parachute?, or, for the kids, Why Doesn’t Daddy Sweat the Small Stuff?. And let’s not forget the chance for talk show topics like “Dr. Phil Is Ruining Our Marriage,” “How Could You Possibly Watch LoveLine?” or, “If Men Are from Mars and Women from Venus, Then Where Do I Belong?”
Yes, Your Diet has ushered in a brave new era for dubiously-licensed and syntactically-challenged physicians everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before societal ills, unhappy marriages, unsightly fatties and the concerns about those concerns, are a thing of the past.

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