Dubya: the endorsements keep coming in

(With thanks to Jeff)

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At least he is starting to campaign for somebody, because it sure doesn’t seem like he’s campaigning for himself.
He needs to start running as the anti-Abu Ghraib candidate.

Maybe he’ll become philosophical and “do nothing” as PResident!?!
The right wing machine is attacking him everyday and war/terror news is relentless. This vacuum he/they have created is curious.
But he/dems. if victorious would inherit; the Iraq war, the War on Terror(WOT), the deficit, unemployment/outsourcing, take an expensive pill unhealthcare and probably everything else that fouls the air. No wonder he’s silent, if you win you lose and if you lose you lose.
Probably a crack troop of Dem strategists think events are hanging the Bush administration without any help.
It still seems like a good time, with an eye on the future, to be saying “what the f*ck” about three or four times a day. It seems like a perfect time to act leader-ly, this propped up image of the Bush administration as firm, moral and successful ain’t quite holding up to the light of day.
I’m convinced that the higher ranking members of society always believe that their “right” because they have power.
Such a vacuum.

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