Hanoi Madge

Madonna ReInvention Tour (left) and Jane Fonda Aerobics (right)
Madonna ReInvention Tour (left) and Jane Fonda Aerobics (right)
Both come complete with anti-war rhetoric and thigh-toning exercise!

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why does madonna think that yoga = dancing? since that james bond video, she takes every fucking opportunity to show off some pose. great madonna, you can do yoga. you’re flexible. it looks retarded on stage.

The yoga pose was amazing. When the show started, you couldn’t tell where she was on the stage and then it turned out to be the one in this cool pose. And her dancing on stage was fantastic. Miley is an idiot.

Madonna cancelled her concert dates in Israel because of disturbingly detailed threats against her and her children’s lives. These threats were apparently made by “terrorists”. She’s anti-war. She also enrolled her kid in a jewish school in NYC.
Last time I checked my kosher deli barometer most jewish folks are Way Pro-Bush and Pro-War-On. This would put Madonna and her anti-war-on remarks at great odds against Israelis.
Seems like Madonna got faulty actionable intelligence.

Mily has it right – she has continually “posed” her way into everything – including a Gap ad. who wants to see Madonna do the tree pose in a pair of crap-ass jeans? she should stick to the dancing, which is she is terrific at doing. Leave the yoga – and the acting, while we are at it – at home. please.

hostile bitches
leave the girl alone ! she worked he ass off last nite and it was f**king great ! sang everything and danced all night – the pose was about 2 seconds – BFD – get over it – the woman works!

having been called and idiot and a bitch, let me clarify:
i LOVE madonna. i don’t care if she co-opts every culture on the fucking earth. i think she’s fantastic. BUT. the yoga thing has got to go, for the reasons i stated above.

Madonna is and will always be an icon. If she’s lucky she will go out on a high note but at the moment she looks desperate as she tries to stay relevant and saleable. I love her to death but her seams are showing, her circus top is lifting… needs to hold it together like the true living legend she is. The Britney Spears video was a clear testament to this.

For anyone who tries it, Madonna’s move on the lower left is considerably more difficult than the pose on the lower right. The exercise depicted in the lower right is something physical therapists recommend to old farts to strengthen their backs.

….For anyone who tries it…. Are you f*ckin nuts, you’re addressing people who sit on their arses all day, chain smoke and surf. Yoga is getting up for a drink without hurting oneself!
cough cough.
I don’t think Madonna is desperate, that woman has stuck to her plan for twenty profitable years. She never had a blowout breakdown moment unless you count the repertoire of racist and asexual puritan critics and some pundits.

I saw Madonna at the Forum last night and she put on a great show as always (never a dull moment!). I didn’t even notice the yoga pose except that it was a cool part of the routine and so very Madonna to incorporate what she’s into personally into her show. Madonna is Madonna and that’s why we love her.

My 15 year old daugher, for some reason, loves Madonna. I felt like I have been such a bad parent if my daugher actually likes Madonna. But, being the sucker I am, I took her to see Madonna at her first show in Chicago. What a surprise I was in for! I saw the best concert of my lifetime and I’ve seen the Beatles, Bruce, Prince, and the former King of Pop. Madonna amazed me in every single way possible. The political and religious stuff was a little stupid, but that was only a minor part of the show. I may actually buy a Madonna record now…help me!

i love madonna, and since it’s 2005 i’ve been feeling guilty for having her “frozen” cassette single with the b-side “om shanti” running for the last two months non-stop in my car stereo…with brief interruptions of the “bedtime stories” single with b-side “survival.”
she may not be the best spiritual example, but i feel like my spirit has been drinking the good in as those tunes hammer away at my subconscious.
i’m glad to see her taking on yet another, yet surprising image in the pantheon of who she’s been over the last 20 years. Wholesome? who’da thunkit.
you only see what your eyes want to see
youre frozen when your heart’s not open

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