The tongue-in-cheek Times

From “C.I.A. Bid to Keep Some Detainees Off Abu Ghraib Roll Worries Officials”, the New York Times, May 25, 2004:

The Central Intelligence Agency’s practice of keeping some detainees in Abu Ghraib prison off the official rosters so concerned a top Army officer and a civilian official there that they reached a written agreement early this year to stop.
An undated copy of the memorandum was obtained by The New York Times. It was described as an agreement between the Army intelligence unit assigned to the prison and “external agencies,” a euphemism for the C.I.A., to halt practices that bypassed both military rules and international standards.
The memorandum criticizing the practice of keeping prisoners off the roster was signed by Col. Thomas M. Pappas, commander of the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, and a James Bond, who is identified as “SOS, Agent in Charge.” Military and intelligence officials said that they did not know of a Mr. Bond who had been assigned to Abu Ghraib, and that it was possible that the name was an alias.

Gosh, you think so?
On a tangential note, it’s slightly amusing to imagine the sense of identification various male government officials seem to have with Agent 007. Not only international-oriented figures, as with the CIA instance cited above, but domestically, as well, as this pose by the FBI’s top cop suggests. Although what Johnny would do with all those mysterious temptresses, we have no idea…though he’s got the gun thing down pat.

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Attn.Gen.Ashcroft instigated the covering of the perky tit statue for press conferences, remember that one.
So I have to go off topic. While watching some babe on CSPAN today an audio cut in and said; “CSPAN will be leaving this program to go to live “Oral” arguements in Calif. concerning “Same Sex” marriages. IT JUST HAD TO BE ORAL!
What would Bond do?

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