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WTF Alert

Did you see this thing in the New York Press about the 50 most loathsome New Yorkers? For some reason Choire Sicha of Gawker was listed as the 15th most annoying New Yorker in the world. I couldn’t believe the entry after I read it either. His name is pronounced Corey?

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can’t find any working links, or a cached copy, but this is remarkably similar to the buffalo beast’s 50 most loathsome people of 2002. It was pretty amazing, and some of the language is really close (Sarah JP is a woman’s idea of how a woman was cute, etc)… matt taibbi, who now works for the NYP, used to work for the Buffalo Beast, so this seems like direct evolution of the earlier one… anyway, still really funny. Although eric alterman, worse than dennis miller??

Thank goodness Rudy is at the top of the list where he belongs. I can’t deal with him clutching the legacy of “the nation’s mayor” or whatever it was.

Mother fuck The New York Press and their right-wing whiny-ass bitching. I hate that paper. Fuck their film critics, especially Armond White. Fuck Mugger.
Choire is cool. Gawker rocks.

I too do not belive it. His name is pronounced “Corey”? Sheesh.
NY Press is not right-wing. They simply tell it like it is without worrying about ass-kissing like all too many publications and blogs often do. And they are right on the money with Choire Sicha. He’s boring as fuck. And when he took over Gawker, the site started slipping hard.

NY Press is mostly right wing.
I was charmed at first by the smart-assedness but it didn’t take long to get sick of all that “attitude”.
Have you never read Mugger? If you don’t consider him right wing, you’ve got problems.

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