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Super Dave

chappelle.jpgAnother Wednesday night, another Chapelle’s Show. Has anyone else seen this thing? It’s insanely funny. Truly nothing is sacred for this guy. His liberal use of the N-word (that’s n***er, or *igg**), the sexually explicit content, and lots of laughs — this guy is definitely not Politically Correct. Chapelle is apparently a man from the streets. And he takes that voice of the streets and he puts it on Comedy Central. Except he takes that urban sensibility and makes it both funny and non-threatening.
On last night’s episode he made fun of Nelson Mandela and Sally Jesse Raphael all in one sketch. I’d like to see the Harvard geniuses/pussies (white) over at Saturday Night Live manage to do that one. This guy is the definition of edgy with a capital E, which I guess makes him Edgy.
For me actually, some of the stuff Chapelle does occasionally make me pretty uncomfortable. If I were watching last night’s episode with my gay, black, or gay black friends, I might not have laughed quite as loud as I did. But damn I laughed (I was alone). This is one guy who’s still flying under the radar but won’t be for long. My prediction is that Dave Chapelle’s going to hit big and hit soon. You heard it on low culture first.

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You guys need to figure out how to prevent posts from slipping out in your RSS feed so obsessive LC readers don’t get their 4/1 facetiousness the night before.

Dave has been funny for a long time. Check out some of his earlier stand up gigs and you’ll see. He is doing some of the most subversive comedy I’ve ever seen on TV. SNL is as edgy as Wonder Bread these days. Most people are still not ready for him.

Apparently there’s some new movie out about the crucifixion that people expect to do well at the box office. There’s also this show on NBC about six friends living in New York that critics predict will be a huge success. Believe it or not, there’s a white rapper from Detroit who is still pretty underground but should blow up any day now.

the shows been a hit with everyone. haven’t you heard the lil john “YEAHS” or “WHAT???”‘s being yelled from every car and school yard? Props to Dave, he’s a funny guy.

I totally agree about Chapelle’s Show. I look forward to each new episode. This season is definitely an improvement over last, where the skits tended to run on to SNL-level proportions, beating the proverbial dead horse long after the joke had worn thin. This season’s skits have been tightly arranged and on all kinds of non-PC subjects. Getting Charlie Murphy as a writer/collaborator was a huge boost to the show’s insanity and his stories about Prince and Rick James were among the best of this current run.
If you dig Chapelle, you can sometimes catch him at Gotham Comedy Club down in the West Village. (I’m in no way affiliated with Gotham, so this is no plug). A couple of months ago a friend of mine and I went down to catch a show there featuring some regulars from Colin Quinn’s Tough Crowd show and Dave Chapelle made an unscheduled appearance giving the audience a 45-minute routine of off-the cuff jokes and stories. The club holds maybe 100 people, so it was a great setting for him to experiment with material. That was definitely worth the price of admission.

Chappelle is just about the funniest damn show on all of TV. Last night had its moments, but did anyone see last week? They did this Sesame Street-like sketch dealing with drugs and sexual diseases with muppets for gonorrhea and the Oscar the Grouch-like character had a syringe sticking out of his head. A child muppet comes out and pulls down his pants revealing a huge penis that I’m not sure how they broadcast without it being blurred. This sketch was so funny, I was crying throughout almost the whole thing.

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