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Calm, Supercool and Collected

jack_white.jpgJack White (not to be confused with Jack Black, natch), aka The Coolest Man Alive, has apparently caught the acting bug. First came his appearance in the Acadamy Award nominated film Cold Mountain, now he’s appearing in the new movie from Jim Jarmusch, another cool man alive. Cigarettes and Coffee is coming out this spring. From the trailers, it looks like White is hanging out, smoking the aforementioned cigarettes and drinking the aforementioned coffee with his sister/ex-wife (which is it?) Meg White, one of the hottest indie rockers this side of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a truly Buzzworthy band.
Speaking of which, another supercool band *stellastar (that’s not a typo btw, that’s the way it’s spelled) seems to be gathering a lot of steam themselves. They haven’t hit the Buzzworthy tip yet, but it’s definitely going to happen soon. After getting a glowing writeup in yesterday’s New York Post, could a glowing review from New York Times tastemaker/supercool midget Neil Strauss be far behind? It’s only a matter of time, kids.
And speaking of uncool, I had another dream about Alan Alda last night. How uncool is that?

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