“Please, please…no cameras, please! No cameras!”

(AP Photos/J. Scott Applewhite)
Ok, all right, all right…fine, you caught us manipulating the context in which these photographs were taken. Yes, quite simply, it’s hot down there in Crawford, Texas. From the glare of all those lights and cameras!

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Casey Sheehan joined the army in May of 2000. His first Commander in Chief was Bill Clinton. In all likelihood, Casey and Cindy both assumed that reason and sound judgment would characterize the decisions made by our nation’s civilian leadership regarding the deployment of troops. They weren’t merely wrong, they were betrayed.

Preach it Kelly. I guess what Jon meant to say is that her son chould have realized the possibility that America would elect someone who eschewed sound judgement in favor of helping out his cronies. I guess he and I both got hosed on that one.

I just came back from Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, and the feeling there was amazing, powerful, and very touching. These people are mostly military families who feel very betrayed and hurt by the blatant lies the Bush administration has put forward to get us in a war nobody wants.
The amazing thing about Camp Casey and the Peace movement forming there is that its being formed and organzied by dozens of moms like Cindy Sheehan (she is just one among many) who want this War to stop. A lot of Republicans and people in Waco support them, despite what the mainstream news media is telling you. It’s very interesting to meet face to face with all these amazing veterans, moms, families, and activists who are in the middle of NOWHERE protesting this war, on the footsteps of a president who barely acknowledges them. Then you go home, get on the internet and read the AP news stories, and read “War Mom calls it quits.” Which is not true at all. You can read Cindy Sheehans webblog and see for yourself.
Regardless of what your opinion is about the actions happening in Crawford,Texas and all around the crountry, if you DO feel so strongly about this war being a good thing, I encourage you to enlist and go fight over there, and take the place of a solider who is literally dying to get back home alive.
If you belive in this war, go fight.

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