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low culture Presents: No Jacket Required, Vol. 1

Welcome to the bleeding edge! It’s official, then…this “podcasting” thing is bloody hot!
low culture is proud to present the first, inaugural, premiere episode of “No Jacket Required”, a no-holds-barred look at contemporary arts and culture. This mp3/podcast/olde timey radio broadcast runs somewhere around eleven minutes: perfect for your commute home, downtime at work, or on constant repeat throughout your day (it’s possible to enjoy “No Jacket Required” over 130 times in the course of a 24-hour period).
You’ve come to rely on low culture for reasonably entertaining satire and comedy — now give “No Jacket Required” a try. Seriously, we think you’ll enjoy it. Earnestly, even.
And maybe it’ll explain why we’ve been so damned absent of late?
No Jacket Required, Ep. 1, 11:35, 10MB

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