Star Wars: Revenge of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern

th-48110_R.jpgPer low culture’s reliable sources deep within Skywalker Ranch, there’s a good reason Revenge of the Sith is getting such glowing reviews — Tom Stoppard wrote the script. Producer Rick McCallum insisted Lucas find a ghost writer, and Stoppard was the only writer Lucas wouldn’t interfere with.
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Stoppard, like Lucas, has his best work behind him. Perhaps these two fading fellows can team up, Matthau/Lemmon style and produce something marginally watchable!

Gadzooks! Leapin Lizards! I hope that Tom Stoppard doesn’t engage in idle banter and copious platitudes like THE REST OF SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES. Personally, I really liked Dawg’s Hamlet. Just imagine. All of Star Wars in 15 minutes. Then, all of it again in 5, then finally 1 minute. Of course, we all know that Yoda would rule.

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