More Hard Bodies for Your Monday

Tara Reid’s putty-like stomach
via ez board

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Her stomach is oddly textured, isn’t it. And those terrible fake boobs aren’t helping.

I dunno, Guy — this just seems mean. I mean, just because you and I have rock hard abs doesn’t mean that we should lord it over those unfortunates with undulating abdomens.

I agree with David. Other sites do this kind of thing better; and I avoid them because they’re mean and witless.

‘Putty you say?’
I’d get rid of the old broad first (air brush?)
then the spunkie one would be putty in my hands …well I’d make her an offer she couldn’t refuse
… a free brazilian wax, an autographed copy
of ‘The Devil In Lucia’ from Dog Ear Publishing
and a CD of Laura Bush’s send up of The Prez.
Way to go!

girl on the right went to my high school in austin tx. haha saw this off…tara reid is fuckin deformed..

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