Primo product placement: I’m a pepper, she’s a pepper…Wouldn’t you like to pepper spray these Muslim savages, too?

REUTERS/Jeff Mitchell
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8 replies on “Primo product placement: I’m a pepper, she’s a pepper…Wouldn’t you like to pepper spray these Muslim savages, too?”

thats some complicated scapegoating that was going on!
i mean, its a funny way to have orders executed when you give them to a RESERVIST who isn’t even supposed to have access to the prison. She was violating orders just by being there – but SOMEHOW she was taking orders from the very very top military brass?
wait for it….
she was reported to the proper authorities BY the military who were operating the prison during the important day hours.
but go ahead and spin your wild fabrications and conspiracy thweories. who am i to stop your fun…

i guess we know now how she put on all the weight since her combat days… that sugar water will kill ya! right, jp?!

Elaborate conspiracy theories? It’s a picture of a fat lady with a can a soda! The Rightists are really panicking now, one guy says “scapegoating” and they go apoplectic. Mentally unfit to rule. Booga-booga! You screwballs are doomed!

methinks perhaps ol’ hornsy would do better trollin on say, littlegreenfootballs…his obvious distaste for anyone of arab descent coupled with his lack of any sense of humor whatsoever plus his constant need to validate himself by sneering down his nose at anyone who dares hold a world view differnt than his (see any of his past comments) makes him a perfect candidate to be an LGF minion.
or, as glenda the good witch says, “be gone! before someone drops a house on you, too”

methinks perhaps you are self conscious and deservedly embaressed that you never researched the important details of the story.
whe was a reservist – NOT an officer working in the prison and the ones working in the prison told on her when they found out about her and her friends reprehensible behavior. the military was already investigating the incidents (that happened on ONE NIGHT btw) before it hit the press.
i’m sorry if that shatters your evil empire fantasy

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