low culture 2.0 (minus 1, minus 1, minus 1, plus 1)

three_friends.jpgThis past week, we’ve received a lot of emails and been approached by a lot of people concerned about the direction of low culture. We tried to explain why we hired four new writers, pointing out that we were giddy about the success of our shop and the major awards we were then being nominated for. But looking over the new writers’ work, it’s clear we made a mistake.
After much soul searching and consultation with our backers, we’ve reluctantly decided to lay some people off. As of today, Otto Preminger, Miranda Gonnerman, and Carter Blanche will no longer write for low culture. (They are now available for other work, if anyone remains interested in their endeavors.)
On the positive side, however, Stevie Boots has been promoted to editorial director of the site.

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I was praying that you guys would make the right decision.
Now, the real question is…did you receive MY resume?

I agree with the decision, but am sorry for your writers. Couldn’t this have been done less publicly? Kindler, gentler?

You know what? I’ve been thinking about this way too goddamn much. And thus, perhaps, is the genius of this revealed, Andy Kaufman-esque.
I agree with Jocelyn’s question mark. I don’t know whether I should feel stupid for not getting it because of those dumbass names or those inane pieces they wrote (Lilytones? Foreskin? Stamos? Like these things even exist.) or whether I should offer some criticism about blowing a golden opportunity. I mean, these “new” writers could have turned out some really awful stuff (I’m thinking the Onion’s Jean Teasdale or Jackie Harvey) and it could have gone on longer.
Instead, I’m left thinking: It had to be a hoax. Right?
So, I’ll speak up for everybody else (or am I the only one besides Joc up there?): The joke’s on me. Nice work.

Well, real or not, it’s a big “who gives a damn?”
I don’t come to read a blog site to read about the inner dramas of the people writing for it — and if it was a fake, then that’s even lamer.
I’ll give this place another chance, but quit jerking off on the web and post the quality stuff you are capable of.

this was definitely a joke, just not a very funny one. maybe why not everyone got it. i mean, i think i get what you were trying to do, but who cares?

Wow, such vitriol. I, for one, don’t care if it was a joke or not. I thought some of the stuff was alright, but some just wasn’t. I was sort of interested in seeing how the new writers developed, but oh well. On the other hand, if you’re ever looking for a writer on military topics…

Hmm… kind of like the time where David Brent fires Donna the secretary as a joke. Unfortunately, the Low Culture reader is Donna in this scenario and it’s not so funny.

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