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‘Advise and Consent’: I can do these things all day long

icon_222.gifNewsflash from the blogosphere! No, not another update on my stance regarding Paul Wolfowitz’s nomination to head the World’s (most powerful) Bank…Rather, consider this an update on the updates! It may come as no revelation to you, the loyal readers of this column, but it has come to my attention that this sophisticated web technology allows me to publicly pontificate multiple times daily, which is a major improvement over my last column-writing gig, whereby I was limited to weekly musings on Chechnya or socialized medicine or bankruptcy bills.
And as part of this exciting era of the 24-hour news cycle in which we live, it remains vital to understand that news happens constantly, consistently, and continually. As such, it stands to reason that we need quality, real-time analysis of the world’s goings-on, right?
With that in mind, then, I continue to point you, the readers, to the smorgasbord of thought and opinion that exists out there on the world wide web. Since having posted my initial musings on Wolfowitz’s anticipated ascendancy to the position of Chief Global Bankman, it has come to my attention that other pundits and news-analysts have also posted their thoughts on this matter. I particularly refer you to one Daily Kos, who, though prone to a bit of foul language here and there, seems to have a remarkable grasp of the dynamics of news analysis.
Furthermore, there is a website entitled Instapundit that is also covering this rapidly-breaking news story. Check it out! Our opinions, like a collective dab of potter’s clay, await these opportunities to be shaped and re-formed!

4 replies on “‘Advise and Consent’: I can do these things all day long”

Otto, you can post as many times as you want, you don’t have to trumpet it.
You’re doing a good job, but remember what I told you when we discussed this gig: The Three L’s of Blogging: Be Lively, Use Links, and Don’t Be Lazy. With that, you cannot fail.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. We’re gonna have to let you go, Otto. I’m sorry but this just isn’t working out.
I’ve disabled your log-in and I’ve changed the low culture employee discount code for the shop. Your email address will only work for twenty more minutes.
Good luck, Otto. No one wanted this to work out more than me.

Do you want to tell us when readers can come back while you continue beat–I mean–training the new writers? In both columns? Couldn’t you and Jake just email Otto and Carter your feedback?
Or is there some bigger joke I’m not getting about these “new” writers for the site?
I’m not trying to be a dick, I just think you could do this a little more privately (as much as I might love to see someone get fired, even playfully). It’s like watching some teenager get yelled at by the ju-co dropout fast-food assistant manager in front of a long line of customers.
“He said, ‘medium coke,’ Carl! What the hell is wrong with you? And hurry up!”

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