If Brandon Davis Swallowed Mischa Barton Whole…

…he’d probably look a lot like his older brother Jason.

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he should at least let mischa finish swallowing her own chin. Another penelope cruz complex…chin eating. At least shes eating,

It’s like the Elvis postage stamp contest from a few years ago! Which do you prefer: young, sexy (okay, questionable, but remember it’s relative) Davis or old, bloated Davis?

OMG, Brandon Davis is HOT as FUCK! can i just say that? is that alright w/ evryone here? he really, truely is. and to all you gays out there i understand. you think he’s hot too, and that’s alright! it is! but he’s NOT GAY…he’s like the straightest guy in hollywood…it’s sad, i know, we all want him for ourselves, but he’s straight girls. and taken. life’s a bitch sometimes. you just have to learn to deal with it. oh, and yes, his brother is fat. get over it. american’s are fat. we just are. you don’t HAVE TO BE SO MEAN ABOT IT!
thaks, you all have a fabulous day now…

man, I don’t get it. This thingy says that Jason is older than Brandon, but he’s not. He was born in 1984, which makes him younger than Brandon. I think Brandon’s the middle child, because he has an older brother named Alexander Jackson.. hey is that comment ’bout Brandon’s real lastname being Zarif true? at least that would explain his dark looks.
and yes – Brandon’s hot 🙂

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