US for Africa, or India, or Wherever the Hell that Tsunami Happened

Leave it to the humanitarians at US Weekly to lend a hand to tsunami relief. (If you can’t remember, the tsunami was that thing before Brad and Jen broke up and after Christmas.) As if bravely publishing the brave photographs of brave Petra Nemcova weren’t enough, US Weekly and its stable of concerned celebs have bravely assembled an eBay auction to benefit tsunami victims.
debbierowe.jpgUnfortunately the auction isn’t quite living up to expectations – the lion’s share of brave donations have yet to earn a single bid. But with items such as Debbie Rowe’s signed original Fox and the Hound pencil drawing, how could they possibly go wrong? From the sketch’s description:

The drawing has been framed and signed on the back by Debbie Rowe and includes the message, “Best wishes, enjoy from my collection…Debbie Rowe.” She has also included a doodle of a face below her signature. Debbie Rowe is known for being Michael Jackson’s second wife and the mother of his first two children, Prince Michael I and Paris Jackson.

The item has yet to register a single bid.
ivanaapprent.jpgOr how about the bikini that Ivana from The Apprentice revealed to allure the financial district’s finest? Though eBay doesn’t specify if the item has since been washed, who could resist Ivana’s sharpied signature on the ass? The H&M bikini bottom and top (a mere 32A) can be yours for anything above a $72.50 bid. Meanwhile, the Nicole Miller dress and Nike shoes worn by Apprentice skank Heidi has not garnered any interest.
hoggies.jpgMost surprising, perhaps, is that Eva Longoria’s cheerleading uniform from her days shaking it at Texas A&M is similarly un-bid upon. Frankly America, you should be ashamed – don’t the children deserve better? Think of the children.
But US Weekly isn’t the only venal rag to auction off empty celebrity signifiers in support of tsunami relief – Teen People and Ashlee Simpson have also thrown their hat in the tax-deductible ring. Their auction, however, is doing significantly better.
A phone call from One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray is going for over $600, and an Ashlee Simpson concert experience (start your jokes) is already fetching over $3000.
Incidentally, a personalized phone call from low culture’s resident hottie Jean-Paul Tremblay is also available, with all proceeds going to the “low culture Jamster Ringtones Fund.”