Rummy, Mr. Nice Guy

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil (background); evil (foreground), (via Reuters)

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Is that an Absolute bottle next to the Perrier? I’d be drinking in the afternoon too if I had done the things he has…

Jingle Bells,
Dubya smells,
Ducky laid an egg,
Air Farce One lost a wheel,
And Rummy got away…

he looks soooo happy to be in france!!! too bad he can’t go to germany….
Why couldn’t he? Doesn’t he own an olive-drab down parka and ski hat?

well, tessie, he had a lawsuit brought against him for war crimes in germany, and he refused to attend a meeting there thinking he would be arrested…however, at the last minute, the lead german prosecutor said he wouldn’t prosecute the case….someday, someday, though… rummy is much more comfortable in his old wrestling unitard, not exactly apprpos for the northern european winter, but lots of fun when wrestling around with jimjeffgannonguckertjingleheimerschmidt

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