The low culture Consumer Advisory

marlboro-1.jpgPerhaps you’ve seen the ads for Marlboro Seventy-Twos in Seventeen magazine, while watching MTV, or at your local youth center. And perhaps, like low culture, you’ve been tempted to find out more about Philip Morris’ newest teen sensation and buy a pack. Don’t.
A quick phone call to the suicide hotline at Philip Morris revealed that the “Seventy Twos” are merely shorter cigarettes. That’s right – no value-added tar, chemicals, toxins or tobacco – it’s just less cigarette at the same obscene price. If the tobacco companies can’t be trusted to offer their consumers the best value, can they be trusted at all? Probably.

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Smokeables… Hah. Funny!
If they’re smaller, just probably means that folks will smoke more of them. I dunno. Smart marketing, though. Maybe I should buy some MO. Er, should’ve done that earlier today…

Just think, thanks to your 200 mo. smoking jones, you can look cool in a used Ford Escort instead of that Cadillac Escalade.
Just sayin’

You guys read Seventeen magazine? And hang out at local youth centers? What kind of hipsters are you?

If you’re still paying $34.00 a cartons for Marlboros, instead of $10.00 online, you’re pretty much a dope.

Or you live in New York where the onliners don’t ship anymore.
Hey, Ronnie, what the hell does it mean to be ‘the voice of the turtle’?

Who cares if they’re smaller….still gooder to me. I support Big Tabacco all the way. Kill em dead guys…heh

I bought them thinking..oh these are cute. Ha, lil did I know, 72’s are like bad sex… they’re short, fat & don’t last very long. In the end leaving you very Unsatisfied!!

I’m always on the go, so half the money I put into ciggarettes is wasted. Who really has time to just sit & enjoy a whole ciggarette? Not Me!I like em they’re the perfect size.Less wasted!


Doesn’t really make any sense to me….for the same price you are getting ripped off. Just like the half size cans of soda, cute but nothing more than a rip off! Why????? I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it all unless it’s just the perfect rip off and they are banking on it!

the only reason i bought them is b/c where i live they are buy one get one free. so when i sent my driver out one afternoon he came back with these. so i smoked them and they are jus like smoking a tiny red. i went through and entire pack in a day. when i usually smoke a half a pack of regulars. so i kinda bites, but couldn’t miss the price.

same here, buy one get one free…
altho it is a pretty devious marketing scheme, the shorter 72’s are kinda like a tribute to the original filtered cigg’s produced ‘back in the day’ hence the cool short look…
(imo) because it does not say 50yrs of flavor on a box of normal reds.
got retro ? lol 😉

Man, all this talk about getting ripped off… we’re really not. They’re shorter, and therefore take less time to smoke. So right off the bat, we save time, waste less of a cigarette if we’re in a hurry, and since it’s tiny, there’s nothing for teenagers to dig out of an ashtray and smoke.

I agree with Shind.
And hey Old Guy, you find me a website where I can buy cartons for $10, and i’ll love you for life!

I really like the new Marlboro Seventy-Twos. I know you get less cigarette, but the pack is really cool, and easy to carry around. The hard box is very small, but good because it fits in your pocket easier, and protect the cigarettes from breaking. I really like the cigarettes, and the smaller box a whole lot.

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