President Bush displays the costs of continuing with his current policies

Wait, wait, wait, my mistake. This particular chart was prepared to demonstrate the dire failings of Social Security, and not the President’s reckless federal budget.
Alert graph readers can make note of this by observing that the above chart depicts a spending deficit occurring sometime after 2020, whereas, with the President’s budget, we’ve had a federal deficit since early 2002.

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The reforms Bush is dreaming about would mean never cashing in the T-bills. He wants us to borrow with interest to repay ourselves the money we’ve saved. During Enron, someone coined the term “circular budgeting” to describe this. (More simply, it’s like looking at a stack of credit cards and calling that “savings”)
And we all know how Enron turned out, and who got the money and who got the shaft.
All Bush needs is an eyepatch, a funny hat, and a parrot on his shoulder to complete his Pirate theme.

RRRRR , don’t be casting barnacles of sarcasm at the fine profession of the pirates! RRRR , we did not invent any port in the storm for yer portfolio so don’t be a silly land lubber and put all yer copper into Davey Jones locker!!! RRRRR , and don’t give me the deed to yer plantation just cause you can’t hold yer RUM!!!! RRRRRR!!!!

nevermind all those years between 1992 and 2000 when Enron and Worldcom were fleecing the investors shamelessly….
Bush is responsible for not going after them then.
wait, who was the President then again???

Yeah, that’s right horns, don’t forget that Michael Moore’s fat, too! Really fat! And . . . and blowjobs! Yeah bring up blowjobs, too! You tell ’em, man!
. . .
Anybody else catch the color of that herring that just swam by?

Sometimes, I wonder who is president now.
A flat stock market, flat jobs, dollar dropping against other currencies, double digit inflation right around the corner.
Whoever that guy is, we should fire him.
Osama bin Laden still at large, two sucky wars, another war planned, a needless draft on the horizon.
That guy couldn’t run a lemonaide stand.
400+ billion stolen from Social Security to pay for these excellent adventures, then a made up crisis to destroy Social Security, now that’s really talking out of both sides of his face.
Whoever that guy is, we the people need to impeach him.

Oh yeah, and Bush thinks the US should outsource farming.
From tomorrow’s NYT:
“Bush Is Said to Seek Deep Cuts in Farm and Commodity Programs.”
WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 — President Bush will seek deep cuts in farm and commodity programs in his new budget and in a major policy shift will propose overall limits on subsidy payments to farmers, administration officials said Saturday.
Such limits would help reduce the federal budget deficit and would inject market forces into the farm economy, the officials said.

flat jobs?
flat dollar?
a draft?
one, two, three strikes! you are out!
wheres your brain? did you leave it in a cardboard box? check the news because you just spewed out so more fabrication than a Michael Moore film.
who is fat by the way….
is it uncooth for me to say that? a red herring?
call it a right wing tactic. that’d be good

Well, I did check the news, and dollars are still flat, by golly.
But if you misquoted me, I said the dollar was dropping against other currencies.
You never did make a lick of sense, horns. Plonk.

“nevermind all those years between 1992 and 2000 when Enron and Worldcom were fleecing the investors shamelessly….”
Christ Horns you idiot, the general accounting office didn’t raise attention until their accounts started to go belly-up during Bush’s first term. The investigations into the energy scandal in California began during Clinton’s term. Go read your history. Oh, that’s right, BushCo doesn’t want you to know the true facts, just the facts they spew…
And your post a couple months ago regarding the Oil for Food program was weightless too. Again, go listen to something other than FOX news and Rushie boy.
Man, BushCo’s followers will bend over and take it everytime. That must be one sore corn-hole you’ve got there Mr. Horns of the Devil.

“Rod The Bod” has spoken….
elaborate on the Oil For Food program and how i misstated the facts. delusional, self loathing people in deep neglect amuse me.
its my one weakness.
and only then can you work on my c**nhole.
Mmmmmm, i can’t get enough.

Let the corrupt sheperds lead the way
Let him blame the wolves for the slay
The sheeps stays together in fear of the day
For they shall end up as the sheperds prey

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