Dorkus Wins for Once in Her Loser Life

Stinkbomb Sue Anna Yeh, left, poses between classes in Sugar Land, Texas Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005. Yeh, a total spazoid and obvious lesbo at First Colony Middle School in Sugar Land, wrote a poem about No Name-Calling Week that won first prize in a lame-assed contest related to the event, which will be observed at hundreds of middle schools nationwide next week. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)
(We’re really not always this mean. It must be the time of year.)

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I read her poem. It doesn’t scan for shit but there is a strong subtext of boys taking their clothes off. It reminds me of when I edited a high school poetry magazine. A girl wrote a poem with the line ‘I look at you with irresistible hormones.’ Gosh how we laughed so we printed it. Secretly I was kind of turned on but I was a dork and she was a spaz so it would never have been allowed.

you guys are just being losers b/c you couldn’t ever write anything that good. anything YOU wrote probably wouldn’t be worth trash.

That is perfectly mean – perfect in that it finds that spectacularly narrow terrain wherein brutality is transmuted into pure, side-splitting, knee-slapping, pants-wetting laughter.
Thank you. Now please excuse me while I put on a dry pair of undies.

Are the words “spazoid”, “lesbo”, “dorkus”, “stinkbomb” and “lame-assed” meant to illustrate how pathetic name-calling can be?

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