The way to a woman’s heart is through the manipulation of her nation’s voters


9 replies on “The way to a woman’s heart is through the manipulation of her nation’s voters”

Ooh, white men *can’t* dance. He looks like his feet have been glued to the floor and he’s trying to get them loose.

It’s a shame how the podium in the top photo makes her ass look so big. Like she’s smuggling a microwave oven under her dress.

Of come on. That there is a very gorgeous couple. I attended the innauguration myself and must say that although the speech was a little light on the domestic issues, it was well-presented and it was a novle experience and I felt very patriotic. Wow, and I had never been around so many Republicans before.

Let’s spread some heapin’ helpin’s of fresh DEMOCRACY all over this a hear dancin’ floor!

Brace yerselves Laura! Good ol’ Dick the vep spent all summer teachin’ me to do the Roamin’ Wyomin’ Sheep Dip & Barbled Wire twist ; and then the big finalie , the Iyad Allarie nine millie meter parabellum to the cerebellum! Look OUT all you Tie-rantz and desputz , this prez got the mandate to dance dance DANCE!!

Another good way to a womans heart is through the voters’ civil rights. I hear women love those. Sort of like Herod’s women loved the head of John the Baptist.

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