Inauguration 2005: America’s Elderly Reflect on Our 43rd Whippersnapper

Highlights from “Americans View Bush Speech Differently”, by Angie Wagner for the Associated Press, in which a wide swath of senior citizens’ opinions are made available.
First up is Jim Swafford, 62, of Nashville, Tennessee, who sounds a bit, well, focused on the issues. Or at least one issue. One very closely guarded, paranoid issue.

“He’s trying to take my Social Security away from me, and he’s lying about it,” said Swafford, a semiretired owner of a hair salon. “I don’t like to listen to him anymore than I have to to find out what he’s trying to take away from me.”

How about an overarching sense of relativism?

In Rio Rancho, N.M., Bush’s speech was on in the cozy recreation room of the Harmony House Residential Senior Living Home. Phyllis Cline sat smiling in her wheelchair, excited she made it back from a doctor’s appointment just in time.

Or denial? Nihilism? The sense you’re going to die soon?

Joan Keck, 72, wasn’t having any of it.
“I’d rather sit and read this book about cats than listen to this,” said Keck, gesturing to her book. “I could truly care less.”