Dance Macabre

crisper.jpgAh, Park City in January, otherwise known as the Dance Season – that’s Sundance, Slamdance, and Nodance (now defunct). Those of you foolish enough to brave Park City’s bad hat weather and blue law strictures, however, would do well to catch the debut of Crispin Glover’s What Is It?
That’s right, Glover’s long-awaited, first-in-a-trilogy, what-the-fuck, madhouse will enjoy three public screenings, all followed by Q&A Sessions with the creepy auteur. The film, as per imdb:

Being the adventures of a young man whose principle interests are snails, salt, a pipe, and how to get home. As tormented by an hubristic, racist inner psyche. What Is It? is a bewildering, unnerving, surreal, blackly comic film from the visionary mind of Crispin Glover that tells the inner and outer struggles of a young man facing villains and demons on multiple planes.

The film features a cast consisting largely of actors with Down Syndrome, a snail with the voice of Fairuza Balk, and legendary publisher Adam Parfrey playing “Jealous Minstrel.”
What is it? Indeed. Some help might be gleaned from Glover’s Apocalypse Culture II essay of the same name, in which he blames Steven Spielberg for Columbine, kind of.
The trailer for “What Is It?” is available from Crispin Glover’s official site – it is, however, not safe for work.
After the jump, witness an early poster for “What Is It?” featuring Shirley Temple nude, in Nazi garb. Clearly not safe for anywhere.


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Is Crispin Glover the new Bobby Fischer? Is there any movie worth watching after ‘The Begotten?’ Are the coattails of hate more respectable than the coattails of sycophancy?

i have seen this wretched hellion’s little cyberden of horrors and do profess and confess i am now afraid to close my eyes. i slumber no more!

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