And what does Jim Crow wear to the Golden Globes?

Best Actor, White (aka “Drama”):
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator
Best Actor, Black (aka “Musical or Comedy”):
Jamie Foxx, Ray

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Well, it makes perfect sense. Ray Charles was a hilarous & laughable clown that split our sides with his silly antics, while Howard Hughes’ life was the personification of grim determination and seriousness… Oh. Wait a minute. Nevermind.

“‘In my time,’ said the grandmother, folding her thin veined fingers, ‘children were more respectful of their native states and their parents and everything else. People did right then. Oh look at the cute little pickaninny!’ she said and pointed to a Negro child standing in the door of a shack. ‘Wouldn’t that make a picture, now?’ she asked and they all turned and looked at the little Negro out of the back window. He waved.”

i’m sorry. only a jackass fails to cite. it’s ‘a good man is hard to find’ by flannery o’connor.

Oh, c’mon. Your headline is way offensive. There’s nothing Jim Crow about it– you weaken the term every time you use it incorrectly. The man gave a stellar performance and is being recognized for it. The Golden Globes has stupid rules about what counts as a musical– the same thing happened to “Beyond the Sea.”

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