Black children love us!


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Really…I look at this site everyday, and its just not right for you to make me actually GUFFAW at my desk. My boss is going to start getting suspicious…LOL

There must have been some really pissed off blonde kids in that audience. That is the most conspicuous bs I have seen in a while. Yes, they will hug all over black folks when they are kids, but as adults Latino’s are the chosen minority. Worthless bastard.

third pic caption “wow mom, he’s right.. he really doesn’t have a heartbeat.. but what’s that thing on his baaaaackkk”

It belongs in Wonkette’s “consuming the next generation” gallery. Caption on the last one? “A brain is a terrible thing to waste.”
Hmm. Shrub as Count Olaf

Jesus! Does Laura Bush give anyone else the heebie jeebies? That pasty white makeup, that Joker smile that never fades. Biatch got some major Oxycontin prescription, is all I can think.

I wonder how much screening one has to go through to sit on the President’s lap?
No Clinton jokes please 🙂

ick…when i saw him pick up Jesse Jr.’s daughter last year i almost vomited. what black person in their right mind would let that tyrant touch their children… disgusting. i’d jump through a hoop of fire rather than let that man near my kids. i hope they gave her a good bath…evil is contagious!

He won, get over it, get a life. Who gives a shit anyway. Go watch your F911 DVD by big tits Mike or a rant by troll Ahole Frankin.

And that ain’t pasty white makeup. On me and mine, that passes for a TAN!
It goes really well with my red hair.

He stole, using the voting machines this time, there is proof of rigged machines in Ohio and Florida, he is even more hated than he was 2000.

Doesn’t it remind you of Saddam, and Hitler how they were are always photographed playing with children. Remember that? well bush is just like them, phony photo ops! Don’t be fooled folks.
All tyrants and dictators do it!

Mr. Bush doesn’t look so thrilled with all these negroes. I don’t think e likes black people — look how he treated Powell like shit, and he ain’t all that black!
I’d hate to see how he treats someone like Pres. Obasanjo!

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