They can say that with such confidence, apparently, because the site didn’t actually crash

As reported in today’s Daily Variety, the “online premiere” of Fahrenheit 9/11, rabble-rousing director Michael Moore’s Pixar-animated comedy starring the voices of Tom Hanks and Christina Applegate, drew a meager 89 viewers, according to information released by the briefly-downloadable film’s website host. More specifically, “a rep for CinemaNow said ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ special, which brought in $885.55 in revenue, was a ‘success,’ noting that the three-hour window in which it was available was unusual for the Internet.”
Damn you, Jack Valenti, for departing us so sadly, and so soon! With you gone, it seems as though the entire motion-picture industry’s standards for “success” have waned considerably. Seriously, seriously waned. 800 fucking dollars?
Because it’s certainly not as though this CinemaNow website (whatever the hell that may be…I can’t even be bothered to link to the fucking thing) likely had a staff of well-paid site producers and designers working days beforehand on this “premiere extravaganza”, right? Right?