They’ve got the world on a string

European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet tries to get his yo-yo “Around the Third World“.
In this week’s hottest economic news (though – full disclosure – I’m not Lou Dobbs, and am in no way to be confused with someone of that level of expertise, and nor would I ever recklessly fund a dotcom venture like, the G20, or so-called “Group of 20”, is slated to meet in Berlin on Friday. Here, the world’s 20 financial superpowers will gather around flaming piles of cash as they try to cook up ways of explaining to United States representatives that the Bush Administration’s unchecked deficit spending is, hmmm, how to put this excessively simply, on the verge of fucking the world up. In a totally bad, unproductive way, I mean, unlike that successful prosecution of the War on Terror™, which, as we all know, made the world more secure. And then Treasury Secretary John Snow will presumably respond, “Fuck if we care.”
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