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The O.C.: Your One and Only Friend

002oc.jpgYeah, you’ve kinda lost your edge. You’re still listening to that Spin Doctors CD from college and you couldn’t tell the difference between The Hives and The Vines if your life depended on it. (And back-channel al Qaeda chatter indicates that millions of Americans’ lives may, in fact, depend on knowing the difference between these two bands.)
That’s what’s so great about The O.C. You can feel cool again, plugged in. When you watch The O.C., you feel like one of the cool kids, instead of a paunchy, weak-kneed loser sliding into a wide, ugly middle age of quiet desperation, which is what you are.
But, man, for that hour The O.C. is on, you’re that kid in the front row at the pep rally, applauding for your incredibly cute girlfriend, the head cheerleader. Sometimes your dumb friends make jokes about her being the head cheerleader, but screw ’em, they’re just jealous. You guys are a good couple and nothing’s gonna come between you. I mean, not until college at least.
College is gonna be great. No parents! No dumb rules or homework! Will you pledge a fraternity? Maybe! Will you finally get to have a threesome? Maybe! Will you make friends for life who will support you, care about you, hook you up with awesome jobs when you graduate? Maybe!
Then again, maybe not. Those guys are so selfish. None of them return your calls and the last time you hung out with them, they made fun of your job, your Today’s Man suit, and your studio apartment. Such snobs. Maybe you should call that girl you dated in high school, that cheerleader you dumped freshman year of college when you were sure you’d be getting tons of dorm room nookie.
What, she’s married now? To whom? That guy from your fraternity? Goddamnit! Those jerks! Well, there’s always The O.C. Now you feel better, don’t you, ya fuckin’ loser?
Actually, I’ve never seen The O.C.; I’m sure it’s pretty good.
The O.C. airs at 8PM EST on FOX.
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Your weekly O.C. ‘affirmations’ crack me up. I’ve never actually read them, but I’m sure they’re good.

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