Roger Friedman on Cruise Control (Get It?)

001losinit.jpgRoger Friedman,’s usually spot-on gossip monger (and by ‘spot on,’ I mean joyfully, hilariously bad, and by ‘gossip monger,’ I mean Miramax party fixture) has an item on Mission: Impossible 3 today. Since he (or the associate producer who formats his column for the web) phoned the headline in, I thought I’d offer some help.
Here’s Friedman’s:
Cruise Out of Control on Impossible Mission
Not horrifically bad (’s fishwrap sister publication has ten worse every day), but it’s not quite… good enough.
Here are some suggestions:
A Few Not So Good Men Top Gun for a Legend
Minority Report on Cruise’s Risky Business
Do Outsiders Have All The Right Moves, or Is Cruise’s Vanilla Sky Turning Into Days of Thunder as the Color of Money Taps the Legend to Hit The Firm Cocktails as He’s Losin’ It?
Yeah, you’re welcome.