Quelle surprise!

From “Choice Breaks Deadlock on New Government; Council Disbands“, the New York Times, June 1, 2004:

After the announcements [of appointments to the new prime minister’s cabinet], a member of the Iraqi Governing Council said the body would immediately dissolve rather than remain in office until the June 30 transfer of sovereignty.
Younadam Kana, a member of the council, told reporters that 20 of the 22 members of the American-appointed body agreed to disband.

Council member ambushed in Najaf“,, May 27, 2004
Head of Iraqi Governing Council Killed“, the Guardian, May 17, 2004
Iraq governing council member shot“,, September 20, 2003

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Now you’re raining on the parade jp. This is the “happy talk” we so desperately need inbetween fatal bombings and firefights!?!
Somehow it gave me the impression that there will be some improvement over some? time because these people (latest new gov.) will argue as Iraqis and not as CPA, can’t wait to see if this has an effect. Nevertheless the opposing powers that be are acting like cornered rats because they are cornered, so I don’t expect anyone is going to fly in and produce “While You Were Out” for tens of millions of Iraqis.
The Kurdish region is actually operating as all the pre-war PR had hoped/claimed for all the rest of Iraq. The word is that there are only 300 coalition forces there, they don’t have to wear helmets because of the general lack of violence and there governing bodies include women.
From what I’ve read about the economics involved in this War I don’t think the theorcratic muslims are going to back off for a long time.
[insert witty line]

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