Jake Gyllenhaal’s So Hot, He Melted the Ice Caps!

From US Weekly‘s review of The Day After Tomorrow, appearing in the June 7, 2004 issue:
“Global warming has never looked so cool!”

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The outcome of the movie (as far as boxoffice sales) will be far more self damaging then the massivly expensive special effects. You quote me on this one.

LOL. The boxoffice receipts will be more damaging than a global warming catastrophe. That is funny.
Still lol.

I like the footer from the New York Times’ review:
“The Day After Tomorrow” is rated Pg-13. Millions of people die, but nobody swears, copulates, undresses or takes drugs.

it was definitely one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen in my life. i felt so bad for those actors trying to make believably dramatic dialogue out of the worst script known to man.
“Mr. President, what should we do!??!”
(long pause) “Evacuate the southern states.”

Do a post on the huge faggy vibe Jake gives off, and relate it to Brokeback Mtn. And yes, he is so hott.

What about “we’ve reached a critical desalinization point?” That was a zinger of the line. Poor Dennis Quaid. However, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

i think the kid could be a director. He seems smart enough. He is very modest and talented. And yes vey hot. he has doll like features. i hope he isn’t really gay. that would suck.

“i hope he isn’t really gay. that would suck.”
He’s not “really gay”, he’s just gay. So I guess he sucks.

Jake is not GAY! He is dating Kirsten Dunst! The movie was great. I really enjoyed it except for the part: President hears that the world is going to be destroyed and ask the vice president do you think we should do anything??? What a loser!! Other than that Jake was hot and the special effects were awesome.

i thought the day after tomorrow ruled! it was really exciting and was probably one of thee best movies i have seen!! definatly a dvd opportunity! keep it up Jake xx

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