Next time, consider whipping Mandy Moore for two-plus hours

How not to mobilize your base during an introductory roll-out:
Weekend box office, May 28-30, 2004:

$345,000 (studio estimate)
20 screens

Weekend box office, February 27-29, 2004:

The Passion of the Christ
3,043 screens

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The base is even bigger, Mel has a book out probably titled “The Passion.” I actually saw a guy who does infomercials for starving children offering the book as a gift for a minimum monthly contribution to his charity.

Actually doesn’t seem that bad if you divide the box office numbers by the number of screens. MM did 17k per screen vs. 27k per screen for MG. Considering the incredible amount of PR for the Passion (newsweek covers, etc.), not a bad showing at all.

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