Tru(deau) Life: I Want a Famous Face

Although some voices have deemed this week’s Doonesbury too violent for the comics page, others have praised its realistic (though cartoonish) depiction of wartime Iraq. But where discord is sown, low culture offers peace. What follows is a revised Doonesbury for the week of April 19-23, 2004, designed to appeal to more popular tastes and delicate, war-resistant sensibilities.
It’s sure to please everyone, and unlike the war itself, offend no one.
MONDAY’s revised strip (click thumbnails to enlarge):
TUESDAY’s revised strip:
WEDNESDAY’s revised strip:
THURSDAY’s revised strip:
FRIDAY’s revised strip:

7 replies on “Tru(deau) Life: I Want a Famous Face”

I thought I had a really sick sense of humor (and I really do) but this is just flat out juvenile… not even intelligent. what a waste of my past 2 minutes and I can never get them back now.
Well it is on

That’s great! Sort of reminiscent of David Rees, I think. But, since I don’t really keep up with Doonsebury, is there a broader context to this weeks strips? What’s the deal with this storyline? Is it an attempt, along the lines of Russ Kick’s retrieval of the Dover photos, to draw attention to the realities of war or what?

I have been reading Doonesbury since I was a kid, and I must admit that I got a bit misty-eyed when I thought B.D. was dead, and even when he was shown without his helmet for the first time. But I still thought this was pretty clever, although I’ve become such an old curmudgeon that I didn’t remember who Heather Mills was at first…

I e-mailed my brother in Iraq the last several Doonesburys to find out it’s carried in Stars and Stripes.

goddamn you evan, i just read a week’s worth of “get fuzzy” and all i saw was some rodent learn to use the toilet. but then, wouldn’t it be just like me to miss out on the subtleties of a great cartoon?

The get fuzzy Iraq strips begin on April 19th. But you’re right; it’s very hard to toilet train rodents. And boy is that dog stupid. I think he shoved a few too many Fig Newtons up his nose.

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