Separated at Pitching Meeting

James Brown: Funny, times two.
Ah, Spring, when a young humor writer’s thoughts turn towards… James Brown? Don’t ask us why, but for whatever reason, The Godfather of Soul, the Hardest Working Man in Showbiz inspires some of April’s best humor writing.
Take for example, this item from this week’s Onion, Why Can’t This Family Ever Have A Funky Good Time by one “Tomi Rae Brown”:

Maceo! I said Maceo! Uh, Maceo! Don’t just keep saying “what,” boy. Go get that pecan pie out the kitchen. Take it into the living room. We gonna have a funky good time, and I don’t want you starting off before everyone. Bring the pie here. Right here. Everybody grab a piece—don’t be greedy now. We family, after all. There’s enough of this pie to go around. That’s right, y’all. Enough pie for all! Pecan pie! Mother-made pie! Good pie! Damn good!

Funny shit, right?
We were laughing so hard, we almost forgot about Papa’s Got a Brand New Play that ran in Spy Magazine back in April 1995. That was funny, too:

Steve: Oh Baby, Don’t You Weep. I Can’t Help It (I Just Do-Do-Do). (1964, 1965)
Caldonia: There Must Be a Reason — What Kind of Man … Keep On Doin’ What You’re Doin’? (1959, 1968, 1971)
Steve: Got No Excuse. I’m a Greedy Man. And I Do Just What I Want. [looks off wistfully into the distance] Sometimes That’s All There Is. (1965, 1971, 1960, 1980)
Caldonia: I’ll Never Let You Break My Heart Again. [she gets up, goes inside the house, and comes back out, carrying a suitcase.] I Won’t Be Back. (1972, 1964)
Steve: Baby Baby Baby. Hold It. [jumps to his feet and takes her arm.] You Don’t Have to Go. Stay with Me. I’ve Got to Change. I’ll Work It Out. Stop and Think It Over. (1964, 1961, 1962, 1981, 1963, 1968, 1965)
Caldonia: Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do. (1964)
Steve: I Need Your Love So Bad. [caresses her cheek.] I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow. (1975, 1969)

Yes, the Godfather giveth. And giveth. But only in April, apparently.