Page Six‘s union sympathies: International Brotherhood of Typo Writers

From the New York Post, Page Six, April 22, 2004:

The union has set a May 2 deadline for reaching a new contract. “I came out of the meeting thinking there could be a strike,” said one writer.
The A-list participants at the closed-door powwow were David Kepp, who just got $3.5 million for penning “Zathura,” the sequel to “Jumanji”; Richard LaGravenese, whose credits include “The Fisher King” and “Bridges of Madison County”; Tom Gilroy, “The Bourne Identity”; Stephen Schiff, “Lolita”; Brian Kopelman and David Levien, the partners behind “Rounders” and “Runaway Jury”; Robert Benton, “Kramer vs. Kramer”; Nora (“Sleepless in Seattle”) Ephron and her husband Nick (“Goodfellas”) Pileggi; and James Shamus, the head of the Writers Guild East who wrote “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “The Hulk.”

Four typos in one sentence! Nice work, guys. In a non-union shop, the Post would have substituted “David Koepp” for their “David Kepp,” “Tony Gilroy” for their “Tom Gilroy,” “Brian Koppelman” for their “Brian Kopelman,” and “James Schamus” for their “James Shamus.”